The Big Opportunity in Medication Adherence

For the first of the deep dive verticals in the Technology and Wellness theme, I wanted to write about the opportunities in increasing medication adherence in patient.  Surprising to most – patients not taking or missing is a widespread and costly issue for the United States and Globally.

Specifically, according to the Center for Technology and Aging, of the 3 billion medication prescriptions issued annually in the U.S., 12 percent are never picked up by the patient and 40 percent are not taken correctly. More startling, non-adherence is responsible for up to 69 percent of medication-related hospital admissions and 23 percent of all nursing home admissions annually, emphasizing just how important it is for consumers to follow their medication guidelines.

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Customer Experience at the Intersection of Health, Wellness, and Technology

Since joining True Ventures earlier this June, I’ve been drinking from the proverbial firehose – learning tons about the venture capital business, meeting with amazing entrepreneurs, and simply learning from the great team around me.  Since joining, we’ve completed a great number of follow-on financings, I’ve spent some time working within our portfolio on marketing, and even sourced a new deal with Kiip.

Moving forward, I’m going to be spending more time researching markets for outbound deal sourcing.  With Twitter and previously resulting in some interesting leads – most recently 60Mo & eBerri –  I figured the best to start this would be to post my thoughts publicly on my blog for feedback, criticism, and recommendations of where to dig further.

The first of these themes is: Customer Experience at the Intersection of Health, Wellness, and Technology.

While at the University of Florida, I worked on a class assignment that focused on marketing for a new healthcare startup, Voalte, based in Sarasota, FL.  Voalte is an awesome new company focused on redefining point of care communication at hospitals – by proving a robust and easy-to-use workflow App for Doctors and Nurses – on top of everyday mobile platforms.

When the team first started Voalte, they talked to the CIOs at major hospitals across the United States as part of their customer development process and asked all of them the same question:  “If you thought about all the vendors that you deal with, who would you say ‘gets it right?’”

The most common answer taken directly from the team on the Voalte Blog:

Over and over the response was a blank stare and the occasional “What do you mean?” (expressed in a tone of “you mean there’s an alternative?”) or the usual “They all suck.” The most telling response came from an IT director who told us that he deals with over 600 vendors and not a single one stands out above the rest. This came as a shock to us. For me personally, it was especially disappointing that there was no healthcare equivalent to the “Starbucks experience,” so to speak.

In most cases, this experience extends beyond the hospital enterprise and directly to consumers.  From my own personal experiences, my father was recently diagnosed with diabetes and has begun a daily regimen to track his blood sugar and food he eats.  For lack of better options, he does this using pen and paper 5 times a day – no way to search, analyze data on the backend, or upload it to his medical records easily.

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Interview with Gainesville Art Startup Fracture

Fracture is a local Gainesville startup founded this year by two UF graduates.

The business brings a new innovative approach by enabling you to print any image you want onto glass – getting rid of the need for traditional printing and framing.

In this interview, the Fracture Team discusses their experience starting a business right out of school as well as doles out some of their own advice to students thinking about starting a business.

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Life in Beta: An Introduction

Greetings! My name is Adam D’Augelli and welcome to My Life in Beta.

To begin, first a little bit about me:

I’m an economics and marketing nerd turned entrepreneur with an affinity for disruptive technology and Chipotle Burritos.

I work for True Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund with offices in Northern Virginia, San Francisco and Palo Alto. We partner with promising entrepreneurs at the earliest stages in the technology market providing hands-on management support to guide our portfolio companies through the challenges of early growth.

My writings here will cover the gambit of my interests – from product design and digital storytelling to behavioral economics and quantified living.

** Please note: The opinions written here are my own and may not represent the feeling of the firm.  I’ll do my best to disclose conflicts on interest in each post as well. **

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